"Hypebeast Mickey", a digital artwork by Vivin John.

Launching The Vivin Life with my new artwork, “Hypebeast Mickey”

Welcome to The Vivin Life! And, with this imperfect digital art I am launching the existence of my personal branding and showcase.

Honestly, I am no good at digital art but I still pursue it. It helps me to express my thoughts visually. With me being around softwares, where everything is logic and bland, having this medium (with music and photography) really helps me in keeping my sanity intact. So, I will continue doing it even though it won’t be something revolutionary. You should do so, too. Exercise your arts (without expecting accolades).

So, this digital art was created at 4AM today morning. Didn’t put much thought into the concept. I guess, my evening was about seeing a lot of hedonistic posts on the ‘gram. Posts of people displaying their ‘belongings.’ Like, shoes, cars, clothes, and jewelry. For some reason, they all seemed to be having the same mindset, ideology, lifestyle, and patterns. You know, face tats, jewelry, branded hoodies, Supreme, and an IG account for stunting.

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