As announced on my socials, I have started working on my debut album. Here’s some initial lowdown about the album:

Album’s Name

The album’s name is One.

The facts, bulleted

  1. Fully independently funded and produced by me.
  2. Distribution, analog and digital, handled by Vexillo, a record label based in India. They will not have any creative involvement on my album.
  3. It will have independent producers working on instrumentation from all around the world.
  4. I will work on the Creative concept, Songwriting, Recording and mastering, Album art designs, Project planning, Video production, and Budgeting. That’s everything apart from instrumentals and distribution.
  5. The body of work will feature 7 purely Hip-Hop tracks.
  6. It will have a release date and I will be releasing tracks incrementally.
  7. There will be no other artist featured.
  8. It will be on all major streaming outlets and will be available to download here.

That is all I can reveal until now.

Here is what you should expect?

I get questions like, “Is it an English album?”, “Is it a Christian joint?”.

I really want you to have no preconceived notions about the album. Approach it with nothing on your mind.

Alright, see you in the next post…. ~ V