Why a new logo, now?

Anyone who knows me knows my love for the Futura typeface. Hence, every thing that is Vivin uses Futura as the primary font (including this text). This love for Futura stems from my love for Hip-Hop, streetwear, and sports culture. This influenced my usage of my previous logo, a Futura based text logo.

However, the ones who noticed were quick to point out that the logo in Futura didn’t “describe” or “represent” me or anything I do. The feedback, which was pretty constant, was what convinced me to create a new brand identity for myself.

After a lot of struggle, mostly internally, I actually created a new identity for me.

This new identity, though a bit unconventional as per present standards, is inspired by the culture I embody. That is, Urban, Faith, Graffiti, Streetwear, and Hip-Hop.

The story behind the logo

It is inspired by a signature that I used when I was a bit younger. I would criss-cross lines and mark it with two dots. One day, a bank teller asked me not to use the signature as it was too easy to recreate. I stopped using that as a signature but I always loved the fact I could literally just doodle and “brand” anything.

So, when I had to recreate my brand identity, the signature was my biggest inspiration. The identity is a modified version of my previous signature. I did skip the dots and added an X and a Cross. The X represents the drive to not stick to the conventional, like the logo itself. And, the cross is representative of my faith in Jesus Christ.

And, honestly, this is what I think is the most original way of representing my brand. True to God. True to culture. True to the truth. And, true to the streets.

Feedback is welcome.