So, we all sign-up for newsletters that we find useful. Honestly, some newsletters are really good and worth reading. However, these newsletters also end up filling up our inbox quickly. And, in many cases end up being in the ignored/nuisance list, if ignored.

Use a third-party newsletter inbox service

I have had a solution for this and I think it’ll be useful for you, too.

I use a third-party service that handles my newsletters for me. In my case, the service is Stoop.

These services provide you with an email to sign-up and receive emails in their inbox. Most of these services have mobile apps, too. So, you can selectively choose which notifications you want to receive. Really convenient.

Another advantage is, since the email address is based on their service, you never have to share your actual email address. Hence, saving you the pains of your private data being sold/shared.

Also, paid users get more stuff like dark mode and folder. But, Stoop is free for its basic account, which should be enough for most people.