About Me. By Me.

Vivin John

My government name is Vivin John.

Mononymously, I go with my first name stylising it as VIVIN. I also use a shortened version, V!N, mostly as my rap artist name.

I am a…

A Christian

My intent is to live like the Christ. Not just in words but in action, too. My faith comes from my life’s experiences and thorough study of theology alongside science. So, I can’t deny God’s existence in my life. Hence, I love Jesus and I (try to) love those in agreement or disagreement with the same love.

A little about life and family

I share my life with my beautiful and extremely talented wife, Benita. She is a writer, founder of iambenita.com and Benita Varghese Photography. We both live with my mom in Zirakpur, India.

A Programmer, Project Coordinator, and Solopreneur. 

My 9 to 5 is a being a Project Coordinator of Agile/Scrum projects at Covalience, LLC. I have been associated with Covalience since 2011 where I learned everything from designing interfaces to writing code to managing projects. I hope to continue this association for now. My professional website exists at vivin.pro.

The Vivin Life is an implementation of my Full Stack Programming learning and Solopreneurship training. By 2023, I desire to make The Vivin Life an SPA, PWA using high quality code and deployments. After which, I will try to make it a profitable business to test my entrepreneurship skills. The roadmap is listed out here.

A creative and Rap artist. 

I take pictures, create graphic art, and write longform content. So, I consider myself a creative. Most of my stuff is posted on my Instagram. Oh, and I absolutely love typography, good branding, and great UI/UX designs.

As a published Rap songwriter, I have written 35 songs for various commercial and indie rappers. In 2016, I started learning recording and mastering audio. In 2018, I started learning DAWs and Synth. So, I hope to be able to release independent recordings of my Rap Artistry soon.

The Vivin Life, why?

The Vivin Life is an online platform where you will find original and shared content by me. Aims to entertain you and help you become better than yesterday.

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Want to follow me professionally, here is my LinkedIn, Github, and Behance.